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We deliver a Sunday breakfast with a difference


We had to creep into the City of London last Sunday to lift a new cooking suite into the offices of an international law firm as part of their latest installation project.

Having been awarded the project for the new catering scheme at the law firm’s London offices near Blackfriars Bridge in the middle of London, C&C were faced with something of a dilemma when arranging the delivery of all the new items of equipment to site.

With a very tight installation schedule and no simple access point to the building’s 5th floor where the work was taking place, they had two options for the main cooking suite; carry it up the stairs or lift it through a 5th story window.

With the one-piece unit measuring 2.4m by 2.3m and weighing several hundred kilos, the stairs were ruled out, however putting a large crane onto a busy London street during normal working hours was also going to cause major disruption and need special permission.

C&C overcame the issues by arranging for the work to be done at 6 am last Sunday morning, with the whole team observing strict guidance on reducing noise so as not to disturb the neighbours. In a very smooth operation, the suite and Bratt plans were all in position by 7:15 am and the street was back to normal within just a few hours.

The full scheme will be completed in the next few weeks and will be handed over to the client’s catering team in September with a full training package on all of the new items.